Price: 400 Euro

Professional fishing device for electrofishing - 400 Euro
Electrofisher producer from Poland
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Professional fishing device for electrofishing

Electrofisher SUM for 400 Euro (including shipping costs / tracking number + insurance)

1) Electrofisher
2) All cables and wires
3) Manual with DVD movie
4) 1 year manufacturers warranty service and protection
(warranty can be extended to five years, ten years or lifetime)

- Input voltage 12 VDC
- Output voltage 50V-1200V with stabilization (peak)
- Output power 15000W (peak)
- Output current 128 A (peak)
- Output frequency 2-100 Hz in 1 Hz step
- Radius of fishing 5-7m
- Catfish mode up to 50m
- Depth of fishing to 2m
- Overcurrent protection
- Overvoltage protection
- Electrofisher automatically is switched off when fall in to a water
- Catfish option
- Soft start function
- No passwords
- Battery saver function
- Automatic battery tester
- Thermal protection
- Battery sulfation detector
- Spark testing protection

We produce and ship electrofishers from Poland.

We don't supply landing net as it can be easily bought cheap locally or you can make any unit electrically resistant and it just adds to the shipping costs. The same refers to the battery which we use. It can be a simple car battery 12 Volt. There is no sense to send by expensive courier accessories which can be bought in fishing shop and 12 Volt battery is available everywhere.
In case of interest in electrofishing from your side please do not hesitate to call. Electrofisher manual ENG


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We provide airmail service by Polish Post Office. The electrofisher will be shipped within the next 2 business days after we received the payment. After shipping tracking number will be send to buyer.

Electrofisher SUM



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